"Awesome magnificent amazing traquil plus FOUR Steelhead... caught by me on my 65th birthday, thanks to my guide Travis Bowman. Even though there were major winter storms, the boat was covered, enclosed and toasty warm with a heater! Travis is a fine young man that combines kindness with professionalism. My wish would be that everyone experience a fishing trip with Travis on the Rogue River, you'll never forget it. Happy trails to you, until we meet again."
About Travis Bowman
About Travis...

​Travis grew up on the Rogue River just eight miles up stream from Gold Beach. He has been greatly influenced by his father and many other local guides while growing up on the Rogue River. Travis has been guiding on the southern Oregon coast for the last eleven years. When Travis is not guiding on the river, you can find him piloting a tour boat for Jerrys Rogue Jets. Between fishing and driving the tour boats, Travis is on the river almost everyday. There is nothing Travis enjoys more than to show people a great time on the Rogue River and have people HOOKED for life. Come fish with Travis and have the best experience of your life.

​​Travis Bowman is a equal opportunity recreational service provider under permit with the rogue river Siskiyou national forest.